Zelda Capital

Zelda Capital Thumbnail Zelda Capital is an award-winning video game fan website dedicated to The Legend of Zelda game series. Zelda Capital was the spark that ignited my interest in computers, Zelda Capital was the root of all of my web design experience, and on top of that, I gained experience in management and communication as I learned to handle and direct a staff of volunteers, while maintaining relations and collaborations with fellow web masters and industry professionals, as well responding to fans and friends. I put years of work into making Zelda Capital one of the largest resources for Zelda information on the internet, and although it is no longer being updated, Zelda Capital is still one of the larger Zelda websites around, receiving between 1,250 and 1,500 visitors each day.
This project went live in 2006, and was actively updated almost daily until 2009.

Beau Overlook Cottage

Beau Overlook Cottage Thumbnail Designed, proposed, coded, set up, and currently manage updates for the Beau Overlook Cottage website, a beautiful rental property in Adirondack, New York. I worked closely with the owner of the property, a very talented and passionate professional photographer, and this was definitely the most artsy website I have put together. This project challenged me to take the owner's vision and passion towards the house and communicate those feelings through the web, and the results have been very positive.
This website went live in 2010.

Nikoletta Rose Modeling

Nikoletta Rose Modeling Thumbnail NikolettaRose.com, the web presence for model and actress Nikoletta Rose, is a simple yet effective website. The site showcases Nikoletta Rose's professional pictures and videos, as well as hosts her general information, resume, and a method of contact. In order to place the greatest focus on the content and on Nikoletta Rose herself, I decided a simple, clean design was the solution, and am pleased with the results.
This website went live in 2008. The website was overhauled to the current version in 2010.

Computer Animation & Game Design

Computer Animation & Game Design Thumbnail CAGDUDEL.com is the online home of the "Computer Animation & Game Design" (CAGD) student-run organization here at the University of Delaware. This website is still under construction, but still it stands as a nice example of an implementation of the Wordpress blogging platform as a Content Management System, and even more impressively, is hosted by a computer that was built from the ground up by our club members and myself.
This website went live in 2012.

Nativity Wilmington

Nativity Wilmington Thumbnail A website that I created for the Nativity Preparatory School in Wilmington, Delaware in my senior year of high school. It was during this project that I discovered how much I dislike the Joomla! platform, which resulted in a complete shift mid-project to the Wordpress platform, and I haven't used another platform since! Part of this project also involved teaching the Nativity Preparatory staff how to use Wordpress to make updates, post news, etc., for which I gave a small hands-on presentation to current staff as well as wrote detailed documentation for current and future staff.
This website went live in 2010.

Delaware Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry Thumbnail The Family Dentistry office is a local dentist's office here in Delaware. This project was different from most in that Family Dentistry already had a website online, but the code was messy, and the site's look was unpredictable in different browsers. I was hired to not only clean up/rewrite the existing website's code, but also to migrate the website onto an automated Content Management System. Using Wordpress as the CMS platform, I coded a custom Wordpress theme from existing design. This greatly increased the site's cross-browser compatibility, as well as gave the Family Dentistry staff the ability to quickly and easily update the content of their website.
This website went live in 2010.